We started our business because we have a passion for design. We believe that beautiful design is not a one-size-fits all concept. Instead we put our focus into getting to know our clients and gaining an understanding of their likes and dislikes. This enables us to help them outfit a room that perfectly matches their design style in a way they wouldn’t have thought of had they been on their own. 

Oftentimes it seems home interiors look too similar. Our goal is to bring uniqueness and originality back into our clients’ homes! When you entrust us to design your home, you can count on us to offer a wide variety of beautiful, well made, affordable pieces that you may struggle to find anywhere else! We invite you to come and see in person the many products displayed. Our showroom is set up in vignettes wherein unique, eclectic items are paired creating a one of a kind look, whereas other stores might simply set up a package consisting of the same color and style. This is exactly why KHOU calls us a “hidden gem.” We’re bringing the heart back into home design! 

Besides our amazing selection of furniture and decor items, we pride our business on being a one-stop-shop for design lovers. In order to better meet the demand of our customers we offer comprehensive interior design services, employing a full team of talented designers that can help you outfit any room. When you use our professional services, a team member is there to help throughout every step of the design process. We start with an initial consultation, in order to get an idea of your design style and understand your needs. Then, we’re right there with you helping you throughout the entire design process, from choosing furniture and accessories, to arranging them in your home. 

You’ll see the difference! Our team is made up of skilled, trained designers that are extremely detail oriented. They know how to work with troublesome floor plans, can introduce you to unexpected pairings, help expand your color palette, and introduce different textures. We love design in any flavor. It is always our goal to work with our clients with innovative and new ideas! 

Here at Elizabeth Cole Design, Furniture & Decor, we chose a dragonfly for our logo as it symbolizes adaptability, new beginnings, hope, wisdom, joy and happiness. These are all things we believe our designs can bring to people. When you have a gorgeous, well-designed home to come to at the end of the day, it makes everything else seem just a little bit brighter. Let us help you turn your ideas into rooms you love to live in. 

We make great interior design accessible in terms of our affordability, huge selection and the ease of our process. Whether you’re looking to redo your entire home or upgrade just one room, we would love to help you create a beautiful space that’s entirely your own. Give us a call or stop by the showroom today!