As we know, home design trends come and go faster than we can keep up with them! However, with people spending so much time in their homes over the last year, it’s led many to desire a change in scenery even if it’s within the walls of their homes. Most notably, in 2021 many believe that homeowners want functionality to meet beauty. 

Because our homes have truly become our sanctuary and for many, our workspace, it’s important that they make us feel good and that we feel comfortable spending so much time in them. Predicted design trends for 2021 put a focus on coziness, simplicity and timelessness. 

Natural Materials

Wood has always been a popular material for furniture, but we’re already seeing more options for alternative natural materials like bamboo and cork. Not only are these widely upheld for their sustainability, but because of the simplicity and lightness they offer in terms of design. These materials are typically light in color and can easily be worked into any color scheme! And further, they’re built to last.

Velvet or Velour

Instead of bright or busy patterns that may go out of style, fabrics in interesting textures such as velvet or velour are on the rise. From blankets and throws to sofas and chairs, you’ll see this textural material in a wide array of colors often used to introduce a tasteful pop of color to a room.

Earth Tones

We’re bringing the outdoors in. Many of us are yearning for travel and so it’s only natural to want to bring the colors that remind us of nature inside. Think grounding earth tones such as olive greens, terracottas, rusts and mustards. These are all cozy colors that promote relaxation and comfort!

Bold Accent Walls

And while some are needing to simplify their homes, others are feeling the need to make it more interesting. Bold, dark accent walls are making a comeback. This is a great way to introduce more color into your everyday lives and express your personality in your home’s design.

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